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The Vision

Who is Primal 4x4?

For over a decade, our team has performed vehicle modifications and repairs in Charlotte, NC. Founded by owner/operator Jim Hodge, pictured left, Primal 4x4 actually started life as a transmission/engine repair shop back in 2009 that prided itself on quality, honest repairs. In 2017 Jim’s son, Blake, came to him with the idea of building something unique to Charlotte, a booming 4x4 shop that not only built offroad rigs but maintained them as well. Queen City Transmissions was then dubbed “Primal 4x4 and Fab” in November of 2017 and the rest is history! Today we still pride ourselves on our roots of quality repairs/installs and refuse the standard to be anything less. The shop is still owned by Jim and is operated by General Manager Maverick. We have a highly skilled team of technicians in the back who are customer focused and hobby driven ready to make your dream build come to life. Come see the Primal difference.

Whatever your 4×4 needs are, we would love to hear from you or, if you’ve got a spare minute, we would be more than happy to give you a tour of our facility to see the behind-the-scenes of our shop’s operation! You can also contact us during business hours by phone or anytime via email! Follow our Facebook and Instagram to keep up with our current projects in the shop and to stay informed with upcoming events!